A Leopard's Kiss (incl postage)


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A Leopard's Kiss

Marisa Fazio

From the mountains of an ancient Sicilian village, to the

ornate cafes and lounges of Palermo...

From the humid North Queensland cane-fields, to a

Catholic convent in Melbourne’s north...

A Leopard’s Kiss entwines two dreamlike stories of change

and becoming. 

In a time of upheaval, Tomasi di Lampedusa, the last Prince

in a long and noble Sicilian line, endures the frustration and

joy of writing his famous novel, The Leopard, whilst nearby

a young couple farewell their home to settle in far-off


Beautifully written in a sparkling and poetic style,  A

Leopard’s Kiss provides a vivid new account of the pathos

of migration


a smile at arm's length

digital emissions & selfie obsessions in the landscape

of 2016

poems - gregory day

etchings - jiri tibor novak

preface - a. frances johnson

design & bookbinding - sian marlow

A fine artist book in a limited edition of 12, consisting of 9

etchings and 12 poetic texts exploring the textures of

contemporary narcissism, with particular focus on how

recent technological forms inherit a classical and

mythological lineage.

Through the acerbic intricacy of Jiri Tibor Novak’s

masterful etchings, and the lyrical ironies of esteemed

Australian writer Gregory Day,  ‘a smile at arm’s length’

surveys the continuities and disjunctures between the

Narcissus figure of classical mythology, the blown-hand

stencils of aboriginal Australia, and the follies and

pleasures of 21st century digital obsessions with the self-

reflected image.